Facebook Users Don’t Want Messenger App

by Zach Bentley

Facebook Messenger App

A large number of Facebook users are angry at the social giant after a decision to remove messaging from their native app, requiring everyone to download the Messenger app if they wish to chat with friends. The Messenger app only has 1 star on the App Store as a result of this, and that’s coming from nearly 10,000 reviewers. Users are complaining that they don’t want two seperate apps on their device to use one social network.

Invasive Terms

The Messenger app agreement terms inform you that it can access your photos, videos, and even record you while you’re talking. But that’s not all. It can also send SMS to your contacts as it wishes.

To make things clear − your privacy is being backdoored at no cost to you.

Waste of Space

As if the 63MB size of the regular Facebook app wasn’t enough, now you must install another 35MB on your hard drive.

That’s almost 100 megabytes of space allocated to Facebook on your phone. Absurd!

User Thoughts

Here’s what users have to say about Facebook and their Messenger app.

Don’t Download Messenger

Data hungry Facebook wants you to give in and install the Messenger app. Here’s advice from me and from the app reviewers: don’t download the app.

Facebook will give in sooner or later with those kind of reviews. In the meantime, you can send SMS messages to your buds, or find another messaging app tailored to your needs.

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