Facebook Users Don’t Want Messenger App


Facebook Messenger App

A large number of Facebook users are angry at the social giant after a decision to remove messaging from their native app, requiring everyone to download the Messenger app if they wish to chat with friends. The Messenger app only has 1 star on the App Store as a result of this, and that’s coming from nearly 10,000 reviewers. Users are complaining that they don’t want two seperate apps on their device to use one social network.

Invasive Terms

The Messenger app agreement terms inform you that it can access your photos, videos, and even record you while you’re talking. But that’s not all. It can also send SMS to your contacts as it wishes.

To make things clear − your privacy is being backdoored at no cost to you.

Waste of Space

As if the 63MB size of the regular Facebook app wasn’t enough, now you must install another 35MB on your hard drive.

That’s almost 100 megabytes of space allocated to Facebook on your phone. Absurd!

User Thoughts

Here’s what users have to say about Facebook and their Messenger app.

Don’t Download Messenger

Data hungry Facebook wants you to give in and install the Messenger app. Here’s advice from me and from the app reviewers: don’t download the app.

Facebook will give in sooner or later with those kind of reviews. In the meantime, you can send SMS messages to your buds, or find another messaging app tailored to your needs.

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  • http://www.techmansworld.com/ Michael Hazell

    I use normal SMS and kik

  • Will Greene

    I would just like to point out how ridiculous this article is.. how sensationalist this article is…. I am not an android app developer, but I have spent my share of time in the SDK.. The permissions that the Facebook Messenger app is asking for are *COMPLETELY* understandable for an application that is trying to become the default text and voice communication system..You are absolutely correct in what you have written – do your research,

    • Seth Wooten

      I AM an android developer, have been for the past 3 years, and I don’t trust the permissions. They can be used for literally anything, and although you might blindly trust Facebook I don’t. It’s very easy to hide bits of code, and with Facebook’s ‘reputation’ for not giving a flying fuck about it’s users and lying about what they’re doing with the NSA I have no problems believeing that they’re lying now.

      • Jeff

        I am also an Android developer and the amount of data they are mining from those permissions would boggle your mind. Network + GPS permissions = I know everywhere you go and send it to my servers. Call Logs = I track everyone you call. Contacts = more names to sell to spammers. It never ends, all of these “free apps” are nothing more then gateways into your private life.

  • Howard Treesong

    You will all download and install the Messenger app and you will love it, do you hear!

  • http://scottymeuk.co.uk/ Scott Robertson
  • dozr

    bloat shit ware. while most of the permissions have an actual use and are needed if you want the crapware to work…. i would love it if in the permissions, they(devs for any and all apps) would tell you what/why they need that permission for, and be held to that…. sure you need access to the [device/sensor/mic/etc] or [other app/software] because you are an app that uses that[whatever it is] for legit reasons, but if you dont mention some data mining or some other malicious(from light to heavy) reasons you also want that access for, stiff penalties are to be had.

  • WiselySaid

    Remember, if the product is free – you are the product.

  • modernbox

    I just deleted both of the apps and put a quicklink to the mobile facebook site in safari on my starting page on my iPhone. no more apps, everything in it’s right place and it’s actually quicker than the app. Only thing is you don’t get push notifications but I’m willing to give that up.

  • Mike Hussion

    Complete FUD. Not saying Facebook’s hands aren’t dirty, and I agree 100% that the split is stupid and takes far too much space up, but the permissions piece is sensationalist BS. If you are a developer as you claim, you know EXACTLY why those permissions are needed, and you also likely know that just about any widely-used messenger app is going to ask for the exact same thing.

    “It’s very easy to hide bits of code”? That sounds technical. And sure, that might be true, but as a developer, seeing as you can debug exactly what’s called out for it’s also pretty easy to find if an app is using any hardware while unauthorized. If you found some proof to substantiate this, that’d be worth a read.

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  • factswonthurtyou2

    I have never been on Facebook because of all of the negative issues I have read about the whole experience since it started so what I am about to say may seem naïve but, why do people use it instead of say e mail or their own site…….?

  • Leo Baptista

    Please stop the FB Messenger….its very disturbing app

  • https://www.facebook.com/ilkeryuceler ilker yuceler

    and also those two apps tremendously slows down your phone with draining the battery like its thursty for juice for years.

  • Kulit omar jhun

    i don’t need this application… its not helping!!!!


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